Mission SportU 

Enriching lives through sports and exercise

Every step forward starts with you. And when we go together, we’ll get even further.

We are SportU

Europe’s first and only, female-exclusive, social sports platform that enriches your world.

We’ll link you up with like-minded women in your area, and enable you to start moving together.

By stimulating each other you get more out of yourself, and more out of life.

From a walk to a workshop, from yoga to judo, and from dance class to dumbbell training

You decide which sport you do, and with whom. Always in a place where you feel comfortable.

Do want to train for a marathon or just reflect on something?

Whatever your goal, SportU makes it achievable.

Together we set our progress in motion.

SportU is more than just an app

We’re a community. At SportU women encourage each other to develop a healthier lifestyle in a fun and safe way that can easily be maintained in the long term. We think it’s important to do this together because let's face it; isn't it much more fun to share your progress instead of having to celebrate all your successes alone ?!

Exclusively for women

SportU is not a dating platform. It’s our mission is to create a platform that goes against individualization and judgment. A platform that ensures that women feel safe, welcome, challenged, and supported while exercising or trying out completely new sports.

We do this by offering our users the widest possible range of sports, activities, and sports locations, by using encrypted chat functions for extra security, publishing fun and surprising content, and setting up competitions with renowned brands to encourage our users and reward them.

Our core values

Below the core values of SportU. We strive and live for this and do it together. Together with U!






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