High five women

Making new friends

Your female sports friend and so much more

Creating the most female-friendly sports app out there. An app for every woman. Where you can be who you are, where you can motivate and get motivated, and where everyone strives for a feasible and sustainable healthier lifestyle. Every woman at her own level.


We see that women have a need for sports and exercise, but unfortunately, experience obstacles

We believe that women can achieve their (sportive) goals by stimulating each other

We offer a network of women, who all enrich their lives through sports and exercising

We are Europe’s first and only, female-exclusive, social sports platform that enriches lives through sports and exercise


We are proud that we’ve been able to achieve this. It’s been a roller coaster! The SportU app helps women find a suitable female sports buddy in their area. But we also give away some tips and tricks on how women can live as healthy as possible. Together we progress and after all, we are there to help inspire each other.

Get to know each other

In the app, you can always chat with your match in advance. Ask questions and tell them something about yourself. How will you recognize each other? Where exactly are you going to meet up? This also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and to gauge whether or not you have a click. Get a safe and easy impression of your potential sports buddy.

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