What to do about muscle pain? 5 anti muscle pain tips

11 april 2021

What is muscle pain?

Muscle pain is a natural process that everyone will experience at least once in their life. You put a lot of strain on your body during a workout so your body will work hard to get your muscles back in recovery mode as quickly as possible.

After an intense workout, you make (micro)cracks in your muscles. Your body immediately responds to it and starts repairing those little cracks and that’s how you get muscle aches!

Muscle pain for no reason?

It happens even to the best of us; you suffer a lot from muscle pain even though you haven't exercised at all. How and why does that happen? There are several answers:

  1. Sleeping in the wrong position – if you have slept in the wrong position for a few hours, you may wake up with a stiff neck, for example.
  2. Stress – if you are stressed you build up tension in your neck and shoulders so you may feel some muscle pain there.
  3. Flu–muscle pain can also be a symptom of the flu. The flu causes a build-up of waste in the muscles, which can cause you to suffer from pain, cramping, or a stiff feeling in your muscles.
  4. Bruising – a bruise swells the muscle, making it less easy to move. It feels like muscle pain, but it can also be that you’ve bumped or sprained your knee or wrist and you only now feel the 'pain'.

What can you do to soothe the pain? These are our tips!

To put it plain and simple, you can't avoid it. Often, an intense workout is followed by muscle pain. A little pain after a workout can also be nice, but sometimes it's so intense that you can't get out of bed and you have to shift your next workout by a day (or two). At that moment you only want to know one thing: what can I do to reduce my muscle ache?!

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Eat (enough) protein before and after a workout. On the days you exercise you need more calories than on a normal day, your muscles need protein to grow but also to recover. Examples of foods high in protein include yogurt with banana and nuts, a boiled egg or a smoothie with yogurt, and lots of fresh fruit. After your workout, it's best to wait 30-40 minutes to eat something.


A good (night) rest is something you definitely need after a hard workout. Research shows that you suffer more from muscle pain when you are not sleeping enough or well enough. Your muscles need time to recover and do this mainly when you sleep. So, do you suffer from muscle pain? Then stay in bed a bit longer in the morning 😏

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Water, water, water

It always incredibly important that you drink enough water, but also especially during and after a workout. This keeps your muscles much smoother!


Yes, a good night's sleep is important, but it is also good to keep moving. We understand that it is difficult to do that, preferably you want to lie on the couch and move as little as possible all day, but believe us, exercise really helps. If you don't move, you reduce the blood flow to your muscles, which will slow down the recovery process.

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A good warm-up and cooling down

Some people skip these steps, but you really shouldn't. By doing a good warm-up before your workout, your muscles are less likely to burn during your workout because they are already prepared for the effort that is to come.

After your workout, a cooling down ensures that your blood circulation improves so that your muscles can recover calmly.


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