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Keep your New Year's Resolutions with SportU

6 january 2021

It's 2021 and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions! A new year is a perfect time to set goals. There is one good intention that almost every person has on their list and that is to lose weight. Logically, of course, after a month of chocolate, pepernoten, oliebollen, Christmas dinners, and alcohol. Unfortunately, 80% of people have already given up by the 20th of January... But not this year! 2021 will be your year!

In order to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution, we’ve written a few tips for you.

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Exercise with other women

According to a study,  the probability of you achieving your goals if you train alone is about 76%. However, if you train with a sports buddy, this percentage will increase to 95%! In addition, those who trained together with a partner were 46% more likely to maintain their weight loss.

Don't have a sports buddy yet? Are you looking for a female walking buddy or would you like to play sports with women? Download SportU now! Here you’ll find a buddy for any kind of activity, with ladies near you. Motivate each other to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to keep it up in the longer term! Download the free app and get started right away. Here's the link for iPhone users and all Android users can use this link. 

Achieving your goals faster isn't the only benefit of working out with other women, it's also proven to improve your mental health. During training/exercise, endorphins are released, which makes you feel happier and energized and it’s generally just a great mood booster!

Share your new year's resolutions with your training partner, the support you will get back will amaze you! Research shows that social control helps to maintain good intentions and plays an essential role in long-term success.

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Stop strict diets

Do you start a diet every year in the hope that you can lose the excess pounds after the holidays? First, think carefully about the diets you have done without success in previous years. In the short term, a strict diet ensures a lot of results, but often it won’t last for a long time.

The best diet is actually not a diet but a change in lifestyle and way of eating. Make your health the end goal and not losing weight. Choose a lifestyle that works for you, which you can last the longest or perhaps even the rest of your life. Dive into the kitchen with your friends and explore the tastiest and healthiest recipes! Need some inspiration? Check out our blog for ultimate healthy recipes to impress your guests!

Learn from your pitfalls

No one knows you better than you do, right? You probably know best where the danger lurks. When are you weak against temptation? When does the habit strike? How did that make you feel? Dare to reflect on this, believe it or not, but it’s actually a gift that you know this about yourself, turn it into a learning moment. 

Pick up a pen and paper and write down your pitfalls, make a commitment with yourself to be strong in your shoes in those moments. You got this!

Celebrate the success

Success, of course, should be celebrated! If you have achieved a goal then celebrate it, so you stay motivated. How? Treat yourself to something fun like a nice magazine or a new outfit! Don't forget to write down your successes and share them with the people around you.

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Looking for a female workout partner?

Want to try out the new spinning class in your gym for a long time but don't have anyone to go with? SportU will help you find like-minded women around you who would like to take on this new challenge with you.

Download the free SportU app here (iPhone) or here (Android) and find your female sports buddy today! 

Let's go team! 🤩