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How to train like a supermodel

7 february 2021

Model training: something different

Have you always wanted to know how models like Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, and Kim Feenstra keep their bodies in shape? We spoke to high-end integral personal trainer Iboya Triz.

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The most effective training for (fashion) models designed by a ballerina.

Former ballerina from The Dutch National Ballet and now high-end integral personal trainer Iboya Triz has already helped many models get in shape in a healthy way with her very effective exercises and approach.

This training, specifically for models, is a training for women that is really different than what we’re all used to. It resembles classical ballet techniques in combination with pilates, interval training, yoga, and fitness. Heavy exercises such as push-ups and squats do not come into play here because it trains the wrong muscles that aren’t ideal for models. This model training technique focuses on creating long and lean muscles.

Mental rest

Not only will you look great, but you will get a stronger core and develop a wonderful movement awareness. If you train with this method, you will immediately see the effect and feel muscles that you didn’t even know you had!

Four focus points

Focusing on core muscles is the best training to stay fit and strong, but also to keep a nice figure. To really put these large muscle groups to work properly, you need to use as many muscles as possible at the same time.

With a combination of four different techniques/exercises, you will create the best results to develop the perfect body that you can be really proud of.



By doing balance exercises you will not only burn more calories but also get a better posture and improve your coordination.


Posture and technique

Posture and technique are the basic principles of model training. With a correct posture and technique, you walk the catwalk more gracefully and develop an awareness to take the most beautiful poses in front of the camera. Go out with your female walking buddy and practice your catwalk together!

Short interval training

Short, high-intensity interval cardio (HIIT) exercises will not only burn more calories at the moment, but your body also continues to burn more calories the next day as well. During a HIIT you train several muscle groups at the same time resulting in a higher calorie burn during training. Looking for fun HIIT workouts that you can do together with your friends? Take a look at our blog with our favorites corona proof group workouts!



Stretch exercises before and after a workout are very important to keep the muscles long, and the stretches also provide a higher metabolism, so you burn more calories in a rest period.

Training together with other women

Looking for a female fitness buddy to do model training with? Via SportU you will definitely find your partner in crime! Whether you want to move alone with a sports buddy or train in a group with other women, anything is possible! Did you know that there is a 95% chance that you will achieve your goals if you move with a partner?


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