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Beat the fatigue! Tips to recharge yourself

29 july 2021

During these strange times with being pulled back and forth between working at home or back at the office, the kids to school or back home and working out in a group or going back to training individually again, it's hectic, and that costs a lot (mostly unnecessary) energy.

If all your energy seems to have been used up but you still have a few days to go before the weekend starts, these tips for a little more energy may help you a little further.

Many of us then enter a kind of survival mode and this only leads to further loss of energy and it seems that burnout is not far away if this continues.

SportU has looked into the possibilities to apply and see whether a turnaround can take place, sometimes with solutions that are not so obvious. The point is of course that you get more energy from the activity than it costs energy so try to find out which tip gives you the most return.

Interacting with animals

How do you get more energy from interacting with animals, many people ask? Things like physical training with animals, being outside, and the interaction between humans and animals are so relaxing that you can get a lot of energy from it, provided you are an animal lover and the proximity of animals a pleasant experience. Playing with pets reduces stress, but this also applies to riding or training horses, walking the dog, or even training birds of prey to protect aviation. However, if you are not very relaxed in a stable with 2 horses around you, then skip this tip and move on to the next one.

Gardening with SportU

Gardening or working with plants indoors

A question that regularly comes up is: can I get more energy by gardening? The answer is yes and lies in the fact that gardening has a positive effect on lowering stress hormones as well as mood after about 30 minutes. For the people with 'green fingers' this means that they quickly feel relaxed, energetic, and optimistic. The additional advantage of outdoor gardening lies in the fact that the body is then also able to make Vitamin D, provided the sun is shining, but to obtain more energy you can also work with plants indoors.

Massage combined with aromatherapy

A massage combined with aromatherapy lowers the stress hormones in the body and the body is very well able to recharge the battery. So getting more energy through the ultimate relaxation is the best of both worlds for many people. The scents of the aromatherapy act as a catalyst during the massage, which means that the session can be relatively short.


Energy Gum

Many of the tips already mentioned, but also tips that will be discussed later, achieve the full result after a somewhat longer time. An energy gum (or caffeinated chewing gum) is absorbed faster as it passes through the oral mucosa instead of through the gastrointestinal tract (think of energy bars or energy drinks). This will also make the effect feel faster. For many people this is still a relatively unknown energy booster, a tip for a good price-quality ratio is GRIZZ Energy Gum.

This energy gum contains the highest dose of caffeine (80mg) for a relatively low price. Especially people who have to work overtime, work night shifts in care, drive long distances (including to a holiday address) with full focus on the road, as well as young people who study for a long time who benefit more from a quick energy boost.

Listening to music and dancing to it

Again, reducing stress so that more energy comes back because stress is one of the biggest energy guzzlers. Music and dancing lead to a reduction in stress. By listening to music, the blood pressure is lowered as well as the stress hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol, which increases your energy level again. With this tip, it is striking that the tempo (not of the music) of that stress reduction goes much faster than in many other cases, because sometimes after a few minutes! In general, it also works well on your mood, so it's good for yourself but also for the people around you.

Running SportU

Recreational cycling or walking

Recreational cycling and walking offer great benefits in terms of stress reduction and energy recovery. Because this gentle effort provides both physical and emotional relaxation, walking and cycling are real energy boosters. However, a distinction can be made between these two activities, since walking (with rest en route) provides a shorter-term energy boost and will therefore have to be repeated more often. When cycling, the effort is often slightly greater, resulting in a faster reduction of the stress hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol in relation to walking. It goes without saying that the energy benefits as described here are not or at least apply to a lesser extent if one uses an e-bike, but more so if one follows a spinning class (this falls more into the category of sport and exercise).


What do you get energy from when you rest? The answer is: Sleep! Poor sleep results in a lesser regeneration of the body so that you lose a little more energy. The result is less recovery and fewer reserves for the next day. So make sure you go quietly towards the night, don't look at your mobile at least fifteen minutes in advance, and often rolling into your bed immediately after watching TV is not ideal either. For many women, reading in bed is an ideal way of scaling down the day, but listening to some quiet music can also be wonderfully relaxing.

Exercise or intensive sports?

Many women who are at home during the day move unnoticed for a very large part of the day, when shopping, picking up and dropping children from school, and to keep the household running. Women with a predominantly sedentary job or who move less due to working from home will really have to get out and about to get some exercise in order to reduce fatigue and stress. There are of course very cool home working options to create, for example by using a spinning bike on which you can put your laptop and which has a phone holder. These kinds of special home workplaces are of course not made available by every employer, but more and more attention is being paid to avoiding sitting still for too long. Make sure you don't go crazy in the gym right away because even at a lower intensity if performed regularly, there is a lot of energy gain to be made. By exercising regularly, your cells burn more energy, and oxygen is moved through the body. This results in extra energy but also improved sleep quality, less fatigue, and an increase in mental toughness.

Healthy food SportU

Fill or feed?

Crucial in obtaining energy from food is the attitude towards yourself in everything you consume, am I filling or nourishing my body?

Getting the right amounts of nutrients is quite a challenge these days. In many packaged foods, the nutritional value is significantly below the level of what you should ingest on a daily basis and the amounts of added sugars, unhealthy sweeteners, flavor enhancers are sometimes alarmingly high. Add to this the lack of many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and you can imagine that we have to look more and more critically at packaging so that we buy and prepare the highest possible food.

In many cases, you get more healthy food with a plant-based diet with lots of fresh vegetables, seeds/nuts, and fruit! Plant products contain a lot more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than animal products. Yet it is everyone's choice to integrate animal products into your balanced diet or to adopt a more hybrid form with a mix of both worlds. Nowadays it is not wrong to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin, an Ester-C, and some omega-3, whereby the liquid form (so no gel capsules) is preferred. Finally, sufficient water completes the picture to prevent dehydration and to maintain the moisture balance.


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