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Back pain from working from home? These tips and exercises will help you!

22 april 2021

Sitting at your desk or kitchen table for hours at your laptop, in the same position, is of course not ideal for your body. Chances are that you’re really starting to feel all that working from home in your neck of back. Of course, you would like to prevent this and with the tips below we want to help you.

Height of your computer screen

Place your screen at a comfortable height, approximately eye level. This way you avoid sitting with a curved neck all day long. Do you have a laptop or external screen that you can't adjust? Then grab a stack of books or a cardboard box to place the screen at the right height.

Also try using a separate keyboard and mouse, so you can sit up and keep your hands and arms straight. Did you know that the nerves in the hands extend to your shoulder and neck? 👀 If you don't keep these straight, you'll also get neck and shoulder complaints.

SportU thuiswerken

Don't work from your bed

Don't do it, no matter how comfortable it is. We know it can be tempting to work from your bed, but it's so bad for your posture. Because your laptop is on your lap, you have to look down so that your neck and back are always tense. Do you really not have another place to work? Then sit upright, place a pillow behind your back and on your legs so that your laptop is slightly higher. Or even better: buy a small table that you can put over your legs.

SportU perfecte thuiswerk stoel

The right chair

Without a good chair, you will also sit in the wrong position which can result in back, shoulder and neck pain. We know you don’t want that! Do you have an office chair? Then really use it, believe us, it really makes a difference. Don’t have an office chair? Make sure that your lower back is well supported by placing a pillow in the lower back. And just like with your computer screen, it is extremely important that you’re also sitting at the right height.

Don't forget to move around

The great thing about working from home is that you can (usually) be very focused – finally you can start with the big projects that you might have been putting off for a while. However, the disadvantage of this is that you probably don't notice if you are in a (bad) position for too long. That's why breaks are so crucial during a workday, whether you’re at home or in the office. Try to move every 30 minutes! Of course, it doesn't have to be a whole walk but even just standing helps already. Try to alternate standing and sitting as much as possible. So let's set a timer! Your back will thank you.

Need a longer break? Then meet your walkingbuddy nearby and walk around the block. Fresh air is lovely when you sit inside all day.

Exercises against back problems due to working from home

What else can you do, so that you also solve or prevent back problems in the long term? Here are some of our favorite exercises:

SportU plank oefening


With a strong core you prevent or reduce back problems. Lie on your stomach, with your elbows under your shoulders and your toes against the floor. Then press your body so that your back is as straight as possible and stay in this position. 30 seconds to 1 minute is long enough!

Push up

You're probably thinking "but, a pushup is a chest exercise, isn't it?". Actually, it's a full-body workout that also works your back muscles.

SportU squats


Squats don’t only help to make your legs and butt stronger; this exercise also has benefits for your back! Stand with your feet at hip-width and keep your feet straight forward. Bend your knees and crouch down in a controlled way. Keep your back straight! 


Go for a walk with other women in your area with a cup of coffee, nice in the fresh air and (hopefully) some sun. Don't have a walking buddy? Don't worry! Download the SportU app and find your sports buddy today, for every activity you can think of!


Watch the video below for more valuable tips and tricks from our expert Iboya Triz, and kick-start your next work week without any back pain! 💪🏼