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5 Ways to stay motivated to exercise

27 january 2021

No motivation to exercise? These are our top tips!

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to start working out or to keep up with exercising? In the first month of the year, you’ll most likely be really motivated to lose the “Christmas kilos” but that motivation usually starts to fade in February. Recognizable? Time to make a change! These are our 5 tips that will give you the motivation to keep moving.

Workout together with other women

Exercising with other women is the best way to stay motivated to keep up with your workout. Of course, if you promise your sports buddy to move together every week, you won't cancel so quickly. Give each other the motivation and support to go to the gym. There may even be a competitive urge to perform a little better each time. According to research, there is a 95% chance that you will achieve your goals if you train with a buddy.

Are you looking for women in your area to work out together? Download the free SportU app and match with ladies near you! Download link for iPhone users can be found here and for the Android users among us via this link.

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Create a "get hyped" playlist! 🔥

Music is of course essential during a training session, whether you're exercising alone or with a partner. A good playlist can give you just the extra push you need to complete your final exercises. We have tested a number of Spotify  playlists and these are our favorites:

A popular workout playlist on Spotify, with songs that have been high in the top charts with a good beat. There's something fun in here for everyone!

A nice playlist with remixed top 40 hits, so lots of diversity. If you want to work out at home, run outside, dance, this playlist can be used for everything! Have fun!

Female power! This is the twerkout playlist that you can really get loose with!

We love the 80s! Smash out a good workout at the gym (or home gym) with this fun playlist. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Are these playlists not quite your thing? Then create your own Workout Playlist with Spotify's new service – "Soundtrack Your Workout"! Answer a few simple questions (for example, how long is your workout and who do you usually exercise with) and Spotify will create a personal playlist for you. How nice is that?!

Get some help from a personal trainer

Do you need that extra push that your sports buddy just can’t give you? Then opt for a real fitness coach, who will give you the motivation you need to continue. Of course, you have to pay something for it but it's definitely worth it, especially if you don't know where to start. A coach will show you exercises and even make whole schedules for you.

Did you know that you can also find personal trainers via the SportU app? Take a look at the events – you’ll find several training sessions with different trainers!

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Wear a fun sports outfit that makes you feel comfortable and attractive

Believe us, this really helps! Don't feel like working out? Then put on your sports gear, you’ll immediately switch your mindset! It's not just about quality but also about style because stylish and hip clothes will give you that extra bit of confidence and therefore that extra motivation.

We have created a list of brands of sporty clothing that will make every woman, regardless of age or body type, feel stronger and more confident!

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Track your progress

Of course, you can measure your weight every week, but don't use it as the only measure. The more you exercise the more your muscles grow, and they also make you heavier. Also, keep track of how much weight you can lift or how far you can run or take a 'progress' photo every week – this way you’ll really see a difference and you can easily compare it. Focus on progress because this will keep you motivated to continue and achieve your goals!


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