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The SportU app is more than an application. It is a real community, exclusively for women, where they can find likeminded people in their area. The locations, or hotspots as we like to call them, play
a vital role because that’s the place where the women will come together.

The users of the app do not have to commit to a membership with SportU because SportU uses the ‘pay as you go’ principle, directly at the hotspots. For the hotspots, this means complete independence and the freedom to offer this interesting target group special offers where every app user is also a potential member for your business.

We are always looking for new hotspots such as gyms, tennis clubs, yoga studios, boxing schools, swimming pools etc., that contribute to the well-being of sporty women.

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Respect and privacy are paramount in our app. That’s why it’s important that every hotspot is female-friendly and safe. We’re strict about this. If the guidelines are violated, these hotspots will be removed from the app.

There are several packages available that ensure that you can bring your company to the attention of the female users of the SportU app in the right way.

In short, you decide to what extent you want to be visible to the SportU users, plus the way you want to promote your business.

In this way, the “connection”, which our female users find within the SportU community, and also one of the brand values of SportU, gets a substantive advantage as a business partner!

Registering as a hotspot in the SportU app is easy. All you have to do is fill out the contact form below and we will send you all the necessary information regarding the hotspot packages. 

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