Guidelines SportU

Hi, welcome to SportU !

SportU is more than an app and a website, SportU stands for a community.
Honesty, respect and kindness play a very important role in this. This also makes moving with each other so much more fun. At SportU, the same standards apply to everyone. Since this is a sports app exclusively for women, men are not welcome. The only exception to this is male personal trainers who organize events that female app users can participate in.

Our goal is that the users can express themselves freely in a safe way, but with respect to the other members. If this is not the case, it is possible that you won’t be part of the SportU community for long.

Below is a list of the policies within the SportU community. We take it very seriously if you violate these policies, measures will be taken, and you may be banned from our platform for the benefit of the other users. We always aim to maintain a sporty, fun and respect-filled community so if you encounter behavior that is not in line with our guidelines, please report it to us! Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Private information

Don't publish your own, or anyone else’s private information where others can see it. This includes social security numbers, passport details, passwords and financial information. We ask that you also don’t share contact information that is not public, such as email addresses, phone numbers and your home or work address. We do our best to process all privacy sensitive information of all users as carefully as possible, so we expect the same from our users.


All information exchanged via the chat function is processed encrypted and therefore cannot be accessed by anyone working for SportU. The chat function is intended to increase security for users it is the first point of connection and a way to get to know each other better before meeting in person. We ask everyone here to converse honestly, respectfully and kindly with each other.


You may not harass or bully other users, and you may not encourage others to do so. That includes sending unsolicited and/or incriminating content to your matches. Reports of stalking, threats, bullying and harassment are taken very seriously and can lead to permanent expulsion from the app.

Violence and bodily harm

We do not tolerate violent, graphic or gory content on SportU (e.g. in the profile picture), nor any actions or content that advocates or threatens violence of any kind, including threatening or promoting terrorism (e.g. in the introductory text). Content that advocates or glorified suicide or self-harm is also not allowed. In these situations, we can take a number of steps to help the user, including connecting with emergency services.

Hate speech

Any content that promotes, advocates or condones racism, bigotry, hatred or violence against individuals or groups based on factors such as (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity is not permitted.


Don't pretend to be anyone other than yourself. Be yourself, because you would also appreciate that most. Do not use SportU to direct people to external websites through a link or otherwise.

Nude Photos/Sexual Content

Try to keep it stylish, both with your profile picture and at the introduction text, so that it can be appreciated by everyone. No nude photos, no sexually explicit texts, only things focused on training/moving together.

Promotion or harassment

Harassing other users is of course prohibited on SportU. You may invite your matches to something you do, but if the purpose of your profile is to advertise your business, nonprofit organization, political campaign, or to do research, we may delete your account. Of course, this does not include the creation of event; as long as they are related to the approach of SportU.

Scamming or illegal use

SportU has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of aggressive behavior. Anyone who tries to access other users' personal information to use that data for fraudulent or illegal activities will be banned. Any user (except personal trainers and hotspots) caught passing on their own financial data (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) to receive money from other users can be deleted from SportU.

Infringement copyright and trademarks

If it's not yours, don't put it on SportU. If your SportU profile contains work that is copyrighted or claimed by others, you may not use it unless you have been given permission. SportU may ask you to provide written proof of this.

One account per person

SportU accounts can only have one owner, so don't create an account with your friend. We also ask that you do not create multiple accounts for yourself.

Inactive accounts

If you haven’t logged into your SportU account for two years, we may delete your account, due to inactivity.

If you encounter behaviour on SportU that goes against our guidelines, please report it to us! Do you have questions and/or comments about our rules or do you want to report inappropriate behavior? Please contact us via:

SportU Benelux BV
Olympic Stadium 24-28
1076 DE Amsterdam - The Netherlands