Activities and promotions

You can do as many activities as you want. With the same or a different training partner each time. E.g., fitness, pilates, tennis, boxing, and swimming. But also dance, yoga and many more! Every time we will match you with an enthusiastic, female sports partner suitable for you.

Take advantage of promotions

The sports locations, or as we call them hotspots, play a central role in the SportU app. SportU secures new partnerships with various sports locations in the Netherlands on a daily basis. We try to offer our users the widest possible range of sports facilities and are therefore always, actively looking for new partner hotspots. The hotspots in the app present themselves as attractive as possible and clearly indicate why the female users should come and exercise at their location. This can be by means of fun promotions, free day passes, specific women's classes, etc. We leave this up to the sports location themselves. So let’s not wait any longer and discover the best deals in your area! Is your favorite location not yet connected to SportU? Let us know!

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