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A social sports app for all women

We help women to find female training- or exercise partners in their area. The aim is to get women to inspire and motivate each other and to stimulate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle that is easy to maintain over a longer period of time.

Do you like to be active and sporty, but do you prefer working out together instead of by yourself? Or do you have trouble finding the motivation to finally start exercising? Or are you looking for a female sports buddy to motivate each other and work on your fitness goals together? Or maybe you’re not quite sure how you can really exercise properly?

Research shows us that many women experience barriers in the field of sports & exercise. Sometimes due to uncertainty about one's own abilities, sometimes due to social barriers, and sometimes due to lack of facilities. Time to change this!


To get straight to the point: SportU is free to download and free to use, there are no secret costs or contracts to which you are bound.

You can do as many activities as you want. With the same or a different training partner each time. E.g., fitness, pilates, tennis, boxing, and swimming, but also dance, yoga, and many more! Every time we’ll match you with an enthusiastic and motivated female sports partner suitable for you.

In the SportU app, you can always chat with each other in advance. Ask questions and tell something about yourself. How do we recognize each other? Where exactly do we meet? This also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and to gauge whether there’s the infamous click or not. Get a first impression of your potential female sports buddy in a safe, easy way.

SportU secures new partnerships with various sports locations throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. This allows you, of course only when the sports locations in your area have joined the SportU app, to use special offers tailored to SportU users. Think of trial lessons, discounted day tickets, women’s classes, and much more ...

Here are some of the biggest benefits for you:

  • Exercise in a safe environment
  • Stay motivated
  • Use of the app is free
  • Achieve your (sportive) goals
  • Find female sports buddies for any sports activity
  • Direct and easy contact with like-minded women in your area
  • Together you are stronger! Forget the thresholds, the uncertainties.
  • Easily find a female-friendly, sports location nearby
  • Be a part of Europe's first and only, female-exclusive social sports app

As a sportswoman, you can use the App for free

Are you ready for a new challenge? In the SportU app, you are the central point of attention and you are able to create your own circle of like-minded women to exercise and to encourage each other and in this way get more out of life and out of yourself. BONUS: The SportU app is completely free! Hello, healthy lifestyle! Let’s not wait any longer and let’s develop the best version of ourselves.

Create your own events

Do you want to create your own SportU event to do an activity or training together with other users? This can be done via the app! Clearly describe what you are looking for. Which sport? When? What time? Where? How long? How many participants? For example: HIIT Training Monday September 16 at 6 p.m. at Gym XX in Havenstraat 44 in Amsterdam.Duration: 1 hour. Max. Number of participants: 15

Need inspiration?

As a SportU user, you are in good company. We do everything we can to help our users to an active and healthy lifestyle! We give you tips and tricks which you can apply immediately and do our best to keep you informed of interesting information and the latest trends.

Would you like to know a little more about a particular topic? Please let us know!

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